Introduction of Music Cyma

I am currently the dissemination activities of music therapy.
Music therapy uses the sound source of “Cymatics”.
I think that there is the knowing person.
“Cymatics” was invented in the 1980s by Dr. Peter Guy Manners.
We cause innovation in the medical world.
It is more at hand the music therapy.
It offers “anytime, anywhere self-care.”
Then how!
Does everybody have a cell-phone?
I have me.
The cell-phone is a convenient item now as I know.
If there is treatment in a freefone, music, a video, a photograph, these contents including SNS, I am glad.
As for the music, the place to listen to in a house was in a room in old days.
However, walk-man which sony made enabled a place to listen to outdoors.
We change treatment into possibility outdoors.
It offers “anytime, anywhere self-care.”
We developed treatment contents.
The name is “Music Cyma“.
Currently, the content will ease the lifestyle-related diseases.
Visual recovery, stiff neck, low back pain, throat, diet, Respect
The operation method is simple.
In the same affected area as the image view of the content, only to listen to music.
I only tell an affected part music.
I never hear it with an ear.
The eyes to eyes.
The shoulder on a shoulder.
It is effective if you use an external speaker from the sound of the iPhone.
Headphone is effective when brought into close contact with the affected area.
Specifically, in the case of stiff neck, to seat on the shoulder.
I download it free now in Apple Store.
I download it willingly, and, please try it.
I will increase treatment menus in future.
We expect that there is the treatment that you expect.

In the next update, add the following language.
stay tuned

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