20017 Japan Expo in Thailand  2017.2.10〜2017.2.12 バンコクのサイアムで開催されました。今年は2回目の出店でした。セラピーメニューのステッカー5000枚とホームページステッカー3000枚の配布が出来ました。”Music Cyma”のブースに来ていただきありがとうございます。約2000人程度の集客がありました。来場者は皆さん最初は、音楽でセラピーが可能であることに驚き、更に無料で配布していることに驚き、感激して頂きました。


件数は少ないですが、”Music Cyma”の影響で体の調子が改善されているとお聞きします。



20017 Japan Expo in Thailand 2017.2.10 – 2017.2.12 It was held in Siam, Bangkok. This year was the second time to open a store. Distribution of 5000 stickers on the therapy menu and 3000 web page stickers was made. Thank you for coming to “Music Cyma” booth. There were about 2000 attracting customers. Visitors were surprised at the beginning that they were able to treat therapy with music and were surprised that they distributed it even more free of charge, and they were deeply impressed.

Free distribution of just one year has already been completed, but since the number of downloads is not guidance on advertisements and other reviews and event guidance, it is the present situation that the number does not increase.

Although the number of cases is small, I heard that the condition of the body has been improved by the influence of “Music Cyma”.

I will try to challenge contemporary society continuously after 1 year.

Please download it.