I went to Bangkok.

I went August 27 to August 31.Bangkok city there was a disaster in the bombings.There was terror in the opposite of the intersection on the event held.Security had been strengthened.I received the same peaceful feeling one month ago.I feel that there is a difference between hear and see.Officially held from January 22 to January 24 has been determined.This time, I will put to the friend‘s restaurant bring in Bangkok the 3000 sheets of flyer.We changed that held schedule has been extended to chance.We would like gearing up to become a better event.



Event postponed! Scheduled to be held next year in January

Event is now postponed because of the terrorist attacks that occurred on the 17th.     I would condolences to those who have been involved in terrorism.It’s going to further enliven the event which will be held next year. Please stay tuned.We wish to will be a peaceful world.



Japan Expo 2015 Right now ready

This is in preparation of the Japan Expo 2015 now.Innovative ways to health of the body in the music, we want to spread all over the world.

Theme color is Earth blue.

Music equipment the iPod Toch and Bose Corp. of headphones purchased 10 sets.

I want to let me come and experience the visitor‘s booth.


現在はJapan Expo 2015の準備中です。音楽で体の健康にする画期的な方法を、世界中に普及したいです。



音楽機材にiPod Tochと Bose社製のヘッドフォンを10セット購入しました。

現在Japan Expo 2015び準備中です。音楽で体の健康にする画期的な方法を、世界中に普及したいです。