Terms of service(en)

Article 1 (Terms and Conditions) These terms of service are services provided by Music Cyma, an acoustical therapy application operated by musiccyma.me (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”). The basic terms of use are set out in the following.

Article 2 (Application of these Terms of Service) “Music Cyma Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms of Service”) is intended for anyone using this service (hereinafter referred to as “User”) , And you agree to these terms of use and use this service. 2 Help, use guide, notes etc concerning the use of this service constitute a part of these terms of service. 3 We assume that the user has agreed to these Terms of Service by installing “Music Cyma” application software or using this service. 4 This Terms of Service also applies to version upgraded version of this service.

Article 3 (Notification method) Notice from our company to the user is done by e-mail · The method to judge that our company deems it appropriate, such as e-mail, written to the service, written form. (2) In cases where, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, when notice from the Company to the user is sent by sending e-mail or posting it on the Service, the notice to the user shall be sent e-mail or posted on the Service respectively We will assume that it will take effect from the time.

Article 4 (Advance Approval for Changes in Service Contents) In the event that all or part of this service has been charged, the user shall pay a fee-based service (hereinafter referred to as “paid service” If you do not apply for this service, we assume that you have previously approved that the whole or a part of this service may become unusable.

Article 5 (Membership Registration) If you wish to use a user who has registered as a member of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Member”), the user registers predetermined information through procedures prescribed by us (Hereinafter referred to as “member registration”), and the ID and password necessary for using the service provided from us (hereinafter referred to as “member service”) limited to members only (Hereinafter referred to as “User Account”). 2 Member registration shall be completed when our company approves this, and we will grant user account to the user in case the membership registration is completed. 3 User shall be responsible for the contents of information entered or provided at the time of member registration (hereinafter referred to as “registration information”). 4 We may not offer membership services when we decide that our company is not appropriate, such as when registration information is incorrect.

Article 6 (ID and Password Management) Members shall be responsible for managing user accounts. 2 We assume that the user account issued by our company can be used only by a specific member who received the issuance of the user account and prohibit the assignment and renting to the third party. 3 Members agree to be liable to us for any activities or acts occurring in the registered user accounts. 4 If there is any doubt as to the unauthorized use of the user account, the member should promptly contact us.

Article 7 (Paid service application and usage fee) In case of requesting the use of paid service, the member understands and approves the structure of the paid service and the content of the paid service, and by our application form specified by us, our company We will apply by registering the information specified by. 2 In the event that the member has made the application under the preceding paragraph and we have made an intention to give consent, an individual contract concerning the paid service shall be established. 3 Members shall pay the amount separately determined by us (hereinafter referred to as “usage fee”) in accordance with the method specified by us as consideration for the use of paid services. 4 Members shall be able to use paid services from the day we approve that payment of usage fees has been completed (hereinafter referred to as “use start date”). Please note that we are not responsible for refunding it, extending the usable period, or compensating anything else, even if our member’s usage start date is delayed as a result of our payment confirmation of usage fees The Member shall acknowledge this in advance. 5 Even if this service is terminated, the member shall be obliged to pay the full fee for the use fee of the paid service used until the end of this service.

Article 8 (withdrawal) If the member wishes to withdraw from the membership, the member shall perform the withdrawal procedure in accordance with our prescribed method. 2 In the event that a member has canceled the preceding paragraph, we can delete the information registered or used in member service at our discretion and the member can not offer an objection to it. 3 If our company falls under any of the following items, we will forcibly withdraw from membership at the discretion of our company. (1) When the member uses the paid service and does not pay the usage fee by the prescribed deadline (2) When it becomes clear that the member registration has been made without regard to the method defined by us ③ When we judge that it is inappropriate by others 4 Members are paid service unsettled at the time of withdrawal Other When there is liability and obligation to our company, the member shall continue to bear these payment and other obligations after withdrawal.

Article 9 (Use of this service) The user shall arrange the communication environment of communication terminals, communication equipment, etc. necessary for using this service at their own expense and responsibility. In addition, the user will be responsible for the communication cost etc. necessary for using this service. 2 The sound provided by this service is not used for physiotherapy. Therefore it differs from legitimate medical treatment. Please acknowledge that and use it. 3 When the therapy in this service, the user will be provided with personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, company name / organization name belonging, company name, financial institution account number, credit card number, Etc. that can distinguish a specific individual by combining one or more of them, etc.), we will use this service with caution not to conduct conversation etc. 4 As a result of violation of the preceding paragraph, the privacy policy separately defined by us does not apply.

Article 10 (User’s Prohibited Act) When using this service, the user shall not conduct the following acts. ① act of using this service with illegal purpose ② act infringing on intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other rights ③ acts that violate privacy ④ acts of defamation, insults or interfering with the work of others Acts (5) Acts that lead to crimes such as fraud (6) Acts that violate laws on the prevention of unauthorized access, etc, such as acts that obstruct business (Article 234-2 of the Penal Code), including damage to electronic computers, etc., ⑦ act of sending or providing a harmful program such as a computer virus or a recommended action ⑧ any other acts in violation of other criminal acts or laws ⑨ any of our company, Act to tamper with, erase person’s information ⑩ illegally utilize facilities of our company, users and other third parties, and obstruct the operation thereof Actions to be taken ⑪ All sales activities using the status of this user without obtaining approval of our company ⑫ Acts that violate laws, terms of use, etc. or public order and morals ⑬ Actions that hinder the operation of this service or damage our company’s trust Acts such as (14) Other Acts that we deem not inappropriate 2 If we suffer any damage due to violation of our Terms of Service etc., we will be able to claim damages for the user . 3 We shall be able to suspend the use of this service without notice in advance if we reasonably decided that the user performed the acts listed in paragraph 1.

Article 11 (Cessation of qualification etc.) If we judge that the user violates these terms of use, we will not inform the user in advance, and at the time of temporary use of all or part of this service for that user We shall be able to take actions that we deem appropriate, such as suspension, future use or prohibition of member registration. 2 We may suspend membership in case members do not use this service for a certain period of time or when our company deems it necessary.

Article 12 (outsourcing) We can outsource all or part of the work as necessary, such as system administration and credit card payment substitution etc., as necessary.

Article 13 (Changes and Cancellation of this Service) In the event that the purpose is to properly manage this service, we will not change the contents or specifications of this service, stop or stop providing the service without notifying the user in advance You can take the necessary measures. We do not assume any responsibility even if damage or disadvantage arises to the user due to change, suspension, cancellation etc.

Article 14 (Intellectual Property Rights) In this service, you agree that we will possess all intellectual property rights related to contents provided by us and the profits obtained therefrom. 2 User is the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the copyrighted material, system etc generated in connection with this service and this service belong to third party who licensed to us or our company We will not do any use acts such as reprinting, copying, transmission, translation / adaptation, modification / addition, etc. for any purpose. 3 In the event that a dispute arises in violation of the preceding paragraph, the user shall solve the dispute at his / her own expense and responsibility and shall not give any damage to our company or any third party.

Article 15 (Non-Guarantee) We do not make any warranty for each of the following items. (1) No faults or obstacles to users’ smartphones etc. due to the use of this service ② Accuracy and completeness of the information etc. provided by this service ③ The contents are not infringing the rights of third part ④ book The service is to be permanent ⑤ To guarantee the reliability or the efficacy etc of this service ⑥ The use of this service meets the necessary items of the user ⑦ the interruption or error does not occur in the use of this service ⑧ obtained through this service Information that can be satisfied satisfies user’s expectations

Article 16 (DISCLAIMER) We are not responsible at all for the user’s environment of smartphone terminal, tablet terminal, PC etc etc and we are not responsible at all. 2. We do not undertake obligation to change, alter, etc. this service even if the equipment, equipment or software used by the user is not suitable for using this service. 3 We do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by content change, interruption or termination of this service. 4 We do not assume any responsibility in the event of disorder concerning browsing of this service due to unexpected factors. 5 We will not be obliged to check and save the content of language learning provided by this service. 6 We are not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of language learning provided in this service. 7 We are not responsible for matters concerning the advertising company / settlement agent company at all. 8 We do not assume any responsibility for legality, morality, reliability, accuracy regarding the website linked from each page of this service. 9 We are not obligated to provide version upgrade version of this service and support for this service. 10 We do not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by deterioration of the display speed of this service or obstacle due to excessive access and other unexpected factors. 11 We assume no responsibility even if any damage to the user occurs due to the fact that the user can not use this service regardless of the reason. We do not assume any responsibility for the occurrence of damage caused by the stealing of 12 user account by a third party.

Article 17 (Cancellation of this Service, etc.) When a cause arises in any one of the following items at the user, we stop or stop using this service immediately without notifying the user You may restrict or may cancel your membership. ① You are subject to a seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, tax delinquency disposition, disposition of tax jurisdiction, other disposition of public authority, start of corporate reorganization proceedings and civil rehabilitation proceedings, bankruptcy or auction, or to initiate company reorganization proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings or bankruptcy When making a petition or making a petition for such a claim from a third party ② When making a resolution to abolish capital, abolish or change business, or resolve to dissolve ③ When you receive delinquency in taxes and duties ④ When this service When we judge that our company or third party may suffer damage such as spreading of computer viruses and bulk sent mails by use ⑤ When our company can not communicate with the user via e-mail ⑥ This agreement etc. ⑦ In addition, when we judge it necessary 2 With regard to the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph, – We shall assume no responsibility to any other third party.

Article 18 (Compensation for Damages) In providing the Service, we may request damages for damages suffered by reasons attributable to the user’s responsibility. 2. We will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this service. 3 We have notified the possibility of such damage in advance as to the loss of opportunity that occurred to the user or other third party, interruption of business and any damage (including indirect damage or lost profit) Also, we do not assume any responsibility.

Article 19 (About changes in terms of use etc.) We may revise the terms of use etc. from time to time. After the amendment of the Terms of Use etc., the revised Terms of Service etc. shall be applied. Please note that this revision shall be deemed to have come into force in the event that we notify users of this Terms of Service.

Article 20 (Terms of Use) Even if some provisions of these Terms of Service are invalid, the effect of other provisions will not be affected and the other provisions will be valid.

Article 21 (Governing Law) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Article 22 (Jurisdiction over Jurisdiction) For disputes arising between us and users in connection with these Terms, the court having jurisdiction over the location of our company shall be the court of first instance prior court of competent jurisdiction.

June 1, 2018